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Hood By Air HBA ss16 deconstructed zipper blazer shirt jeans jacket S

Hood By Air HBA ss16 deconstructed zipper blazer shirt jeans jacket S

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Hood By Air HBA ss16 deconstructed zipper blazer shirt jeans jacket

The absolute icon of the brand, the marvellous mind of Shayne Olivier at the height of his design career at his table Hood By Air. HBA started of as a streetwear t-shirt brand, focusing on eye-catching/provocative striking prints that gained the attention of a lot of a-class celebs then, Asap Rocky became an ambassador of the brand, introducing Shane and his team to the high fashion scene. With this in mind, Shane were the first ones to blend streetwear and high fashion into a single distinctive aesthetic of deconstruction and gender morphing/androgynes style that elevated itself as one of the most talked about fashion brands in 2015&16. Unfortunately, this did not guarantee financially success, as HBA is constantly on the brink of losing money and finally came to a halt in 2017. At the moment, HBA is back with yearly releases, but it is highly doubted that HBA can rise up back to its former glory. It is impossible to named all the brilliant creative endeavours of HBA during its run, e.g. codeine bottle invitation for this ss16 collection.

The most famous/infamous collection of all, SS16 menswear titled “GLVANIZE” elevated grills to a artistry level, created by Dolly Cohen for the show specifically, blending this bizarre infantilisation of men with a fetishism that persists thru, with grills and pacifiers that resembles a “glory hole”(? im not an expert on the names of the equipments, so I’ll just throw the closet definition in.) This jacket was worn by Arca, a now transgender musician and producer of Bjork, fka twigs, and Kanye(can this piece be more controversial), worn when striding along the blazingly modern Philharmonie de Paris catwalk. “Walking in a jacket that was cut into three, composing of a blazer, shirt and pair of denim trousers all zipped together, his mouth was held open by a metal guard, created by grill maestro Dolly Cohen.”(Allwood, dazed) “Oliver, playing with “being sick and being coy and being bashful” – concepts he admitted were unfamiliar territory – described the look as “infantile glamour”. The elements also referenced his friendship with Arca – “We’re like little kids,” he admitted. “We play around so much. It’s just infantile, and about that and that curiosity – when you’re a child, what’s so beautiful about this and that.” ~ Recommend you to check out the full article

I know its a bit sensitive to talk about this now, but HBA did the opposite, THE INFANTILISATION OF MEN, not the other way around, its about camp and weirdness, fetishes and a gimmick to bring fashion forth, not selling products or promote overconsumerism.

This blazer is perhaps the most iconic designs by HBA, probably the one to come up on par with were the double cowboy boots. In amazing condition, slight yellowing on the shirt part, mint condition looks unused otherwise. Racagnni zippers, you can actually separate the left and right side from the middle of the blazer. The jean pockets are real and made in Italy.


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